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Domonique James


Hi, my name is Domonique James and I’m the go-to strategist for people creating successful communities. Together with my team, I help leaders and organizations elevate their influence and effectively impact the future.  

In order to affect change, you must be effective. It starts with having me–someone with not only the lived experience but also the political and professional savvy– to help you reimagine leadership, advocacy, and impact for a modern world. 

Social change is in my blood. I am the descendent of a Black soldier who fought in the Civil War. I’ve always believed in the power and promise of America.  But my journey was not easy. 

I come from a poor family. From free-and-reduced lunch to the Federal Pell Grant, it took intervention programs, family and my broader community, and deep financial investments for me to beat the odds. I’m an example of how society can successfully unleash the potential of an individual. I also know where systems still fail and perpetuate inequalities because I’ve lived it too. 

As an outsider turned politico, I am hungry as ever to help leaders like you harness your power and create systemic change to finally get social impact right. 

I invite you to become partners in building a better society– one that empowers all people, creates inclusive win-win power networks, and advances policies that foster success.

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You have a story to tell but you shouldn't trust any firm with your story. You need authentic storytellers. Get the media attention that you deserve and use the words and stories to influence the masses.
Diversity, Equity, & Collective Impact
You’re the leader of a movement. We give you the strategies to create a more just, inclusive, and effective world.

You need to stand out online. We are savvy digital strategists who know how to break through the internet clutter and help you break the internet at the same time.
You need money to fund your mission. We specialize in helping campaigns build a solid fundraising foundation in order to raise money online and in person.