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Domonique James


Hi, I’m Domonique and I’m the go-to political and communications strategist for leaders who are sick and tired of a bandaid approach to progress.  

As the descendent of a Black soldier who fought in the Civil War, I believe in the power and promise of America.  

That’s why I’m disrupting how we do social change by elevating the voices and stories of everyday experts⁠— the people with the lived experience and local expertise– to influence and impact the future. 

I come from a poor family. From free-and-reduced lunch to the Federal Pell Grant, it took an entire ecosystem of people, programs, and policies for me to beat the odds. I’ve gone from poverty to working for a US president. I know society can successfully unlock the potential of an individual to impact their world because I’ve lived it. 

However, as an outsider turned politico, I see policies and programs fail to achieve their intended purpose because the right people are not engaged from the start.  Our stories are the secret to social change and social justice but we often lack the platforms to be heard and seen.

Listen, if you want to affect change, then you must be effective. 

That means we must stop turning to old leaders, networks, and models to replicate what doesn’t and hasn’t worked. We must stop selling ourselves short and settling for the status quo.  

It’s time to rise, reach back, and start bravely build the future from the ground up. 

I invite you to partner with Politics with Purpose. 

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